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Track & Trace Solution

Product management and tracking is crucial part of any business. Our track and trace solutions are always one step ahead of the competition. We put focus on security, efficiency, and features that help you connect with your customers better. Still thinking about choosing track and trace solutions? Let us explain why it matters a lot and how it can benefit your business. We distilled some of the most difficult challenges in product tracking and tracing, and all the ways to make the process more efficient while adding features and values at the same time. The 5 core elements or benefits that tracking and tracing solutions provide your business are:

We create unique, traceable solutions that help you Track, Protect, Connect, Engage, and Expand your business. This host of benefits comes from our intelligent implementation of the tracing technology. Get unique and random codes that are both human-readable and QR-code format for better convenience. These codes are pre-printed and pre-verified to ensure 100% readability and safety.

Our solution helps you connect to customers and clients as it lets you associate products and batch details at the client’s location, making tracking and tracing a breeze. We take convenience to another level by adding the option for sales channels to SMS or scan using smartphone apps. This is how we are able to give 5 benefits with just one label. We use US-Patended Digital Mass Encryption (DME) technology with our tracking and tracing solutions to ensure maximum security for your clients. Trust and convenience, along with five benefits. All with one label.